Smart Ways To Promote Property Features

The best way to make the potential buyers visualize the design and concept of the property you are marketing is to give them details that are neither too exaggerated nor too detailed. Just about enough to inspire the buyers who might have turned the other way. Say for an example, instead of writing a large bonfire cavity in the hall room, you can portray it as a common assembly area for some entertainment.  Whether you are looking to define from the seller’s point of view or what the buyer is looking for, here are a few points to help you balance the requirement.

Originally: Jumbo Walk-in Closet

The jumbo closets come along with extra space cabinets, rods, shelves and even seating space. As noticeable consumption is out of question here, potential buyers may perceive this place as a waste of space.

Market It As: Attached Laundry Room To Bedroom

In general cases, walk in closets are well illuminated with the daylight. This space can be used for numerous purposes, and the idea of attached laundry room is not at all a bad idea. After all bedroom is the place where all dirty attires originate, so why extra labor in keeping them on the roof or the basement. Closet shelving can be easily repurposed to make space for laundry supplies.

Originally: In-Built Kitchen Desk

In the past decade or so kitchen desk became popular with the notion of providing phone jacks and wall plugs for the convenience at hand. However, with the WiFi technology and greater use of smart phones these days, people don’t really demand this feature anymore.

Market it As: Extra Storage Space in Kitchen With Collective Design Counter

Open up the cooking experience to the whole family, and use that desktop space to provide comfortable sitting or playing area for kids and adults. Cabinets can be portrayed as pantry storage space, while a few pull out racks can also be attached.

Originally: Finished Top Or Basement

Finished level can be a tricky word, which can leave the potential buyer thinking whether he has to spend more to get the thing furnished.

Market It As: Guest Quarters With Heating Ventilation And Air Conditioning System

Help the buyers imagine how a flexible guest quarter with HVAC system can work for guests who crave privacy, close relatives and elderly parents who face difficulty in climbing the stairs. But make sure the space in question is already on a separate zone ventilation system.

Originally: Oversized Formal Dining Room

Lifestyle these days have gone beyond the convention of dining in a big space on the main floor. In fact some buyers prefer to entertain themselves in the kitchen itself.

Market It As: Multipurpose Entertainment Space

A big dining space can be easily portrayed as a common entertainment space, where you can set some comfortable couches, a giant LED Screen or some flashy lights. This is ideal to attract home buyers who have regular friends or family events. This dining area can be easily used for large group gatherings.

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