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Do you work from home? Hoping to increase your productivity? Thinking of starting your own business and need a home office? Here are some great ways to get the most out of your workspace.

Choose the Right Location

The right location is the most important aspect of setting up a home office. Find an area away from the main traffic in your house to cut down on distractions and noise. If you can use a designated room with a door that closes, even better. In smaller homes, try a walk-in closet, a work space shared with a bedroom or den, or a basement area.


Once you have the right place, draw your furniture layout. The desk should face the door, so you can see someone entering the room. Natural light through windows either behind or on either side of you is easier on the eyes and will keep you awake and energized. Taking a short, but much needed break to watch the birds or falling rain will offer some relaxation and reduces stress. When the sun goes down, a desk lamp and at least one floor lamp is ideal for task lighting. This will also reduce eye strain.

Inspiration is Key

Put items on your desk to encourage you and keep you motivated. Place a bulletin board nearby to pin interesting articles, fabric swatches, or uplifting photos. Have a notebook handy to write down ideas as they pop into your head. Page through your previous work to reflect on what you’ve done or inspire you when you need some help.

Visual Interest

Use the walls of your office to boost your energy. Paint them a bright hue or add just an accent wall in your favorite color. Consider using wallpaper as well. Your productivity can benefit by having interesting patterns to occupy your eyes and mind, so hang artwork or inspiring objects at a comfortable height around the area.

Get Comfortable

Because you sit at your desk for an average of eight hours a day, it’s important to choose the right chair. Spend some money to get a comfortable, sturdy, and ergonomic design that will last. Add a head or back rest for when you lean back to contemplate your work load. It’s also important that the seat is high enough so as not to strain your neck, shoulders, and arms when typing on your computer. Have another comfy chair near your desk for meetings with clients or visitors.

Use a Laptop

If you don’t need to use a large monitor, a laptop is the best way to save space. They are perfect for small offices and allow you to move around the room and not stay locked behind the desk. Closing the top at the end of the day can also be symbolically satisfying.

Storage Systems

One of the best ways to drain your energy and stifle creativity is to allow your office to get over-cluttered. Stay organized by using file cabinets, open shelving, or baskets to hold paperwork. Keep pens handy in a coffee cup or jar. If you have room, add a bar refrigerator or a few refreshments to curtail the number of times you leave your desk.

Get out of your rut and increase your productivity this year. Try setting a timer to limit your procrastination and be motivated to work better and faster. Or consider spending one afternoon a week at a cafe or collaborating with someone. Take a walk or do some light exercise to get your blood flowing between assignments. With no one to interrupt you, you’ll be amazed at how much work you’ll get done.

If your house is currently too small, but you’re serious about the home office, you may be in the market to purchase a new home. A home that offers enough room for not only your fabulous office but possibly extra room for entertaining, kids, pets, etc. Contact NJ Lux Real Estate today and let us show you homes that are more appropriate to the idea of building a home office.

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