Selling Real Estate During The Fall Season

If you are planning to put your NJ property on sale this fall season, here are a few tips to consider before you take a jump into the market.

Interior Design Makeover

This is the best time to consider something out of the box and apply something seasonal and sensational to your property. Warm autumn colors such as chocolates and terracotta are popular choices. You can have accent colors on cushions, picture frames and walls, in order to give that attractive appearance, without burning a hole in your pocket.

Efficient Lighting

Light plays an important role in specifying the details of your property. It’s always advisable to switch to new lighting that helps the potential buyer to appreciate every nook and corner of your space. Golden tones are good for evoking a cosy ambiance, while natural daylight bulbs are recommended for rooms. Keep yourself in the shoes of the viewer and make your choices accordingly. Once you are done showing your property, you can switch back to your energy-saving bulbs.

Elegant Outdoor Space

Often the most overlooked part, the outdoor space of your property creates the first impression on the viewer. If you have a garden, make the most of it, and it will definitely not cost you the earth. Put aside anything that gives a cluttered look and show-off your buyers, how they can spend some leisure time out in the open during the warmer months. Cut away the grasses and plant some vibrant flowers to add texture and color to your outdoor space. Have barbecue facilities available outside as well!

Proper Cleaning And Airing

If you have been on a long vacation or away for a long time, consider proper cleaning and airing of the property to remove any sort of dust accumulation. A locked up place, even for a week, can result in damp odor and dusty look. This is certainly not what you intend to show to your potential buyer. Proper ventilation of the property is very important, alongside washing upholstery and curtains.

Tackling Dampness

This time of the year, dampness is a very common issue, especially for old properties. Since we open the windows less due to the falling temperature in Autumn, it can result in dampness of the air inside. One can deal with it by installing a dehumidifier or an air conditioning system to keep the air fresh and dry. Make sure there are no leaks in the room!

Kitchen Remodeling

No matter what season of the year, kitchen has to be in the best shape possible if you are to convert a potential property buyer into an actual one.  You don’t have to shell out your bank balance for a simple remodeling of kitchen that can make a huge impact on the final price of your property. Consider recycling older cabinets and shelves to customize it in a way that it looks brand new. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the shades of the walls, but at the same time keep it simple and elegant.

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