Winter Curb Appeal

The winter curb appeal of your home shouldn’t leave potential home buyers feeling as cold as the weather outside. Winter may not seem like the easiest months during which to improve the curb appeal of your listed home, but that’s no excuse. If, during the winter months, you are trying to sell a home, it’s as important as ever to make a good, lasting first impression. Here a few tips to help with the winter sale of your home by improving its exterior.

Plants That Are Conducive for Cold-Weather

To spruce of the exterior of your home, add a few plants that can hold up well against the harshness of winter, such as witch hazel, pansies, or evergreen trees. This can take a boring, barren land scape and dress it up beautifully.

Decorations for the Winter Months

This doesn’t mean the giant Big Lots inflatable teddy bear in a Santa Claus suit. What we’re talking about here is decorations that bring out the best in your home by conveying a subtle, wintry vibe. Stack a pile of firewood neatly near the house, string some small white lights around your shrubbery, or tack a simplistic wreath on the front door.

On the Subject of Lighting

In consideration of nighttime visitors: your home can be more attractive, and safer, for potential buyers by having the right kind of outdoor lighting– particularly now that the days are getting shorter. Illuminate a path to your front door using a series of path lights. Consider lanterns or decorative scones to flank the door.

Is It Time for a Fresh Coat of Paint?

The trees are bare in the winter months which affords anyone driving by a clear and obstructed view of your home. Not so much in summer and spring. Paint that is chipped or faded will stand out like a sore thumb. If need be, give your home fresh coat of paint.

Clean Those Gutters!

Autumn has likely deposited a ton of leaves in your gutters. It’s important that, before you put your home on the market, you clean them out completely. This shows buyers that you are concerned with the home maintenance done on the exterior of your house.

Keep That Lawn Tidy

In the winter months, grass isn’t necessarily green and it doesn’t grow much. You still do, however, need to keep that lawn looking pristine. This will make it easier for buyers to imagine how the home will appear during summer and spring. Rake up debris and leaves periodically to keep the yard looking clean.

You’ve Heard It Before – Safety First

It certainly won’t do for a potential buyer to have an unfortunate incident on their way to your front door. By keeping the stairs, walkways, and your driveway free of leaves, ice, and snow, you can prevent slips and avoid accidents. The last thing you need when you’re trying to sell your home is an expensive lawsuit. Not to mention, that person is not likely to buy your home after they fall and break their hip slipping and sliding down your walkway.

The whole point of sprucing up your curb appeal is to make your home stand out in your NJ neighborhood. You don’t necessarily have to take out a loan to do some simple tweaking of the exterior of your home and dress up your yard. Just a little effort can make a big difference and help you get the price you want for your beloved home.

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