What To Know Before Investing In An Income Property

Between making a decision to buy real estate for investment, and actually buying it, there’s a big difference. Owning an income property has its own risks and rewards.  You need to take an unbiased approach in the first place, before you consider hiring an agent. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when searching for the right property.


The type of tenants you will get for your property and the relevant price value is determined by the quality of neighborhood you select. If you are buying a property near a business hub or a university, you are more likely to get temporary tenants, as in employees or students.  Also, the area should be in close proximity to schools, offices, hospitals, gyms or the airport.

State Taxes

Taxes are not the same everywhere, but they do play an important role in deciding your final cost. If the locality is excellent for long term tenants, there should be no problem in paying high property taxes; however it doesn’t happen too often. Therefore, you should get all the tax information before making a property investment!

Crime Rates

Even if an area is defamed for small burglary and theft, no one would prefer shifting there. You need to get the records right in your hand, and look out for recent activities of petty crimes, serious crimes and vandalism rates. You may also want to know about the police protection in the neighborhood.

Employment Opportunities

People are more attracted towards locations with growing employment opportunities. One can get the details from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics or their local library. House prices in a particular area can react to an announcement of a multi-national company shifting to that area.

Future Development Scope

The local municipality will have complete information about all the development planned for the future. If there are many malls, business parks and condos coming up in your chosen area, it is probably a good pick.  However, make sure that any such property is not being built at the cost of environment or loss of green spaces. There will always be someone giving you a tough competition in a developing real estate.

Vacancies And Listings

If there are too many vacancies and property listings for one particular time period, it may indicate a seasonal cycle or property sellers taking a narrow escape. You need to figure out what it is. On the other hand, you also need to keep an eye on the vacancy rate. Anything on the lower side is a positive thing, but higher vacancy rates can spoil your chances of getting a high-paying tenant.

Average Rent In The Area

The only thing that will earn bread and butter from your income property is the rent. You need to get the exact numbers for the average rent in the desired locality. You need to keep looking, until you get something that can cover your expenses including taxes and mortgage payment. Never buy a rental property in debt, unless you are sure about the ability of handling the expenses.

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