Most people have the notion that the real estate market is slow during the holiday season. You should know that this is actually the best time to list your house and sell it. Read on to find out why the holiday season is the best time to sell your home.

Get serious buyers

You may find out that fewer people are looking to buy a house during the holiday season. This means that these people are serious about finding a new residence and therefore, they are serious buyers. Once they identify a house they like, these buyers are usually ready to start negotiations and as soon as the price is right, they will seal the deal. Selling at this time means your house will not sit long in the market. You need to work with a real estate agent who knows the local market well enough to move your house during the holiday season.

Low supply in the market

Very few people list their homes during the holiday season. This means the competition is low and you are able to sell your house at a good price. You are also guaranteed to have your realtor’s full attention since he or she will not have so many properties to move at that time.  Most people wait for January to list their homes which is a huge mistake. At this time the market is usually flooded with listed properties which mean stiff competition. Chances are high you may end up selling your house for a lower price than the asking price or that your property may end up sitting on the market for longer.

Holiday mood and décor

The holiday mood and décor help stage your house to give it an edge. The Christmas season is usually celebrated by families and therefore the décor allows your home to portray a warm welcome feeling to potential buyers. Ensure that you invest well in holiday decorations and ask your realtor to help you stage your house to accentuate the unique features around your home.

Great time for property viewing

Most people take days off their busy schedules to spend time with friends and family during the holiday season. More and more people realize that this is the best time to plan for a move. Real estate agents are aware of this and take advantage of the situation. You can use this free time to plan for an open house and invite potential buyers for property viewing.

Target relocating buyers

Most transfers and new job opportunities usually take place during the first month of the year. Bosses expect employees to report to their new stations come January and that they should be well settled by then. You can take advantage of this by targeting relocating buyers who need to settle down before the New Year. Make sure that you don’t over-price your house and you should check the listings in your NJ area to make sure your price is competitive. Work with your real estate agent to ensure that your house is well advertised and represented to make sure it gets off the market – then it’s time to celebrate during the holiday season!

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