how to increase curb appeal for NJ homes

Easy Ways To Amplify Your Curb Appeal For Your House in New Jersey

June 15, 2016 in Property Tips, Real Estate

If you are eager to sell your property in New Jersey, you have to remember that first impression always counts. Especially when you are in a buyer’s market, you need to make your house stand out among the competition. The first thing that attracts NJ property buyers is the quality of your curb appeal. From the first moment they set eyes on your house, you have the chance to capture their attention when your exteriors look stunning. Need help to amplify your curb appeal? Fret not, here are some great ideas that are easy to implement:

Repaint Your House’s Exteriors

A repainting job always does the trick because prospective buyers get the sense of “new” when they see a fresh coat of paint. Even if you have decorated the interiors well, you seldom get a chance to impress the house buyers if they keep thinking about how dull your house looks on the outside. For those who want to spend less and if your exterior paint is still holding up decently, you can consider washing the exteriors to spruce it up.

Fix the Roof and Chimney

The roof and the chimney are often the highest points of the house and they will often be the first things prospective house buyers notice. Even if they do not pay attention to these features, your home inspection report will point them out. Problematic roofs and chimneys are going to be a main area of focus for the buyer to push down your selling price so rather than losing value this way, it’s better that you fix them and add value to your property.

Change the Front Door

As one of those features that prospective NJ house buyers notice upon visiting your house for viewing, you can instantly give a superb impression through the front door. The very first thing you can always say to buyers is that “We have just recently upgraded the front door” and these prospects will start the viewing with enhanced house security in mind. Do make sure that the new door you are getting matches the style of your house and the more unique it looks, the better your chances of selling the house fast. By the way, the front door easily stands out in photos posted in your online listing, so there’s another incentive you can consider.

Spruce Up the Landscaping

Now, I know what you are thinking – maybe this will be expensive but on the contrary, it does not have to be. Use a local handyman to put down new mulch and help you trim shrubs. After he’s done, you can just sweep around the front yard and the walkway yourself. Not only will you make your front yard looks clean, you will also create a positive environment to welcome the prospective house buyers during viewing sessions.

Replace the Mailbox and House Number

This is by far the cheapest investment you can make on this list but can be effective enough to enhance the first impression you are making. Replacing house numbers can make your address look posh while changing a new mailbox is a nifty move to make your property stand out in your NJ neighborhood. As mentioned, you will find that it does not break the bank to do these upgrades so for those on a tight budget to improve the curb appeal, you won’t go wrong with this option.

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