How To Design Library Walls For Your House

Even if you aren’t into old school books – you know the kind that one actually has to turn pages on and can feel the weight of in one’s hand – you have to love the character and richness of a room with a custom-designed home library with shelf after shelf of natural wood. There are so many finishes, stains, and wood types to choose from that it boggles the mind. Can you picture a decadent, self-designed library in your home? Just imagine how it will increase the value of your home.

If you are considering installing a custom-made, wood shelved library in your home; you may want to consider all the styles of library walls and designs before making that final decision. Are you going for a more modern atmosphere that has a casual feel with lighter wood? Or will your library involve a dark wood façade that is more traditional? Whatever your choice, you want people to feel like they just need to run their hand along the surface, or sit in the nearest comfy chair and immerse themselves into one of the books, when they see this incredible library that you have designed.

On the Lighter Side

As luxurious, elegant, and rich as a dark wood library appears, some homeowners would rather keep things light. Paler stains or wood such as clear pine, white oak or other blonde woods could be the answer. Families and those looking for a feminine touch may feel that this is a perfect choice for their custom, luxury, modern home library.

Traditional and Classic

For a cozy yet opulent feel, take a hint from old England and couple hardwood floors with wall treatments that are dark and classy. There are a variety of trees that can supply you with solid wood choices in this category: maple, walnut, cherry, white oak, red oak, or a weathered, reclaimed wood.

There are also exotic woods (i.e. African crotch mahogany, Australian beeswing eucalyptus, the Central Africa located wenge tree, African cherry, etc.); chosen by many homeowners going for a more self-indulgent, expensive feel. These come in a variety of designs, patterns, and hues. They also have fewer knots and defects because they have fewer branches and grow taller than other trees.

Extras and Additions

Not only will you need to decide on wood and stain to go on the shelves and walls, but you also have to think about what stain or color you want for the finish of the façade. Will you use a rubbed wax finish or an oil finish?

Will the walls have wainscoting, bead boarding, be smooth or flat, a combination of these, or something entirely never seen before. If you install high, double stacked shelving, an exquisite addition to any library is the rolling library ladder. These can be mounted on tracking that is curved in order to keep going around turns as sharp as 90°.

These are all little, finishing touches that you will use to make the library uniquely your own.

Whether you have a luxury estate home in the suburbs or a modern apartment in the prime district, a home library is an excellent addition to not only make your property a more comfortable and livable home space but can also serve to make your home more desirable when you choose to sell. If  you would like to buy a new home with a library already installed, reputable real estate agents can help you find the perfect home in the ideal location. Contact us today if you are in the New Jersey market for the kind of property you’ve always dreamed of – library included.

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