Marketing a luxury home has its challenges, especially when the audience has a diverse mindset. Oftentimes, the right buyer looks at a piece of luxury estate and they fall in love with it immediately. However, getting such a buyer is a challenge especially when you factor in the market value of the estate. You should work with a real estate expert who understands both the local and national market for luxury real estate. They will help you accentuate the unique characteristics of your luxury home and present the best attributes to the right buyers. Here are some tips on what to keep in mind as you market your luxury home estate:

Powerful first impression

Never underestimate the power of the first impression. Your house can be surrounded with breathtaking features but if it lacks a strong overall appeal, then nobody really wants to take a second look. It is advisable to paint the exteriors of your luxury house to make it stand out from the crowd. You can hire services from a professional photographer to take photos for your listing from different angles, highlighting all the distinct features.

Deliver a compelling narrative

Most people want to be associated with elements that have a compelling story behind it. Do a bit of research on the property like the former inhabitants dating generations back. Sit down with your trusted realtor and come up with a story gathered from real facts about the property. You should always make sure to include these stories in your marketing campaign to attract attention to your property. You can also add stories of famous people visiting the estate, if any.

Make short videos about your estate

You should consider making a short video highlighting the history behind your unique estate. Take potential buyers to a short tour around your property making sure that you highlight special features that make the house special. The reason behind this strategy is to highlight features in your luxury house that cannot be communicated well via text or static images. Make the videos in a format that can be viewed on a smartphone to also allow viral sharing.

Cross promotion

You need to understand that it is counterproductive to rely solely on traditional methods of advertising to market luxury estate. For example, you can showcase your house in a cultural event that draws people who can be potential buyers. At that event, you can also encourage your targeted audience to take a photo with a mini model of your house and share on social media to win certain prizes, like a bottle of prized wine. There have been cases where luxury homeowners got buyers just because they interacted with the right people with cross marketing techniques.

Hold an exclusive open house

There is no substitute for open houses and you will need to plan an onsite visit for potential buyers. Make it an event that will leave everyone astounded and will be the talk of the town. Plan your event and send invites to people for an exclusive open house. Make sure that your luxury home is well staged and that all the remarkable features are accentuated for your guests to take notice. Since it’s an invite-only event, this will escalate the desirability of your property. You should not forget to invite renowned real estate agents who will market your luxury home to their own network.

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