Add Value To Your Home With These Kitchen Trends For 2017!

The kitchen is one of the most popular areas of the home. It is the place where food is stored and cooked, and is frequently an area where renovations are performed. Kitchens also have the ability to influence property value when you are thinking of selling your NJ home. As a consequence, kitchen trends tend to come and go quite frequently, providing homeowners with lots of options in terms of upgrades. It is not always necessary to do a complete makeover, as even small changes can bring dramatic results. Here are the top kitchen trends for 2017.

Shelving With An Open Concept

Floating shelves will be in during 2017 while the old fashioned stuffy cupboards will be out. A collection of tableware is very pleasing to the eye aesthetically when it is lined up perfectly. Floating shelves are impressive because they will provide your kitchen with a look that is symmetrical and sharp.

A Touch Of Color Mixed With Neutral Tones

Neutral colors became increasingly popular with homeowners during 2016, particularly within bathrooms and kitchens. This trend has been extended into 2017, with the addition of small amounts of pop colors thrown in. Grey is the best example of a neutral tone which is phasing out the bright white kitchen which has been fashionable in the past. For 2017 many homeowners are choosing to give their sinks a vibrant color which is distinct from the other areas of the kitchen. Greenery, which has been chosen as the Pantone annual color, is a popular choice.

Automated Systems

Technology has now reached the point where automation can be affordably incorporated into kitchen design. There are a variety of gadgets and devices which are designed to make the storage and preparation of meals a lot easier, as well as keeping the kitchen clean. Examples of some of these devices include meat thermometers that integrate with smartphones and motion sensor faucets.

Architectural Lines With Bold Fixtures

Traditionally fixtures were designed with an organic style and feel. Corners were rounded and curves were smoothly set, but for 2017 a new generation of kitchen fixtures are being introduced which are bold and angular. Expect to see fixtures which are square with bold lines. The best thing about replacing the fixtures within your kitchen is that they are one of the most cost effective and design oriented renovations that can be made. The best fixtures are those which are new and shiny.

Commercially Designed Appliances

Commercially designed appliances will be extremely popular in 2017. One reason for this is because a growing number of homeowners want to prepare meals on a large scale, particularly for large gatherings, parties or holidays. Standard kitchen appliances don’t have the size, speed or power which is needed to do this, so homeowners are turning to devices which are usually found in restaurant kitchens.

Another factor which is driving this popularity is the success of reality cooking TV shows which have tempted many homeowners to acquire the kitchen appliances that they see the chefs using in them. While commercial grade appliances are costly to acquire they stand the test of time and provide spectacular culinary results.

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