5 Real Estate Apps That Are Trending

Today, technology continues to be a major facilitator for change in basically every industry, including real estate. With rise of smart devices and other technological innovations, both homebuyers/sellers and professionals will have access to a handful of tools that will take real estate to the next level. Let’s find out what some of these real estate apps are:

Sun Seeker 3D

Sun Seeker 3D is one of the most practical real estate apps that utilize GPS technology to display the path and position of the sun, no matter where you are currently located on the planet. Homebuyers can use this app to get a feel for how much natural light the property is regularly exposed to on a sunny, rainy and overcast day. If you need to plan a property photoshoot, the Sun Seeker 3D app will also come in handy.

Open Home Pro

Open Home Pro is a good real estate app that can be used by real estate agents as well as home buyers and sellers. The app allows users to add notes and comments while property hunting, without needing to manually enter of all that data into spreadsheets. What’s more, the app can be set to send automatic follow-up emails to clients and vice versa. All in all, Open Home Pro will save users a lot of time with data management.


Although part-time real estate agents have the luxury of flexibility and freedom in their work, they may miss out on some financial opportunities if good time management is not properly practiced. This issue does not only concern employees – i.e., business owners that are running a serious real estate agency, and scheduling shift changes and conflicts are bound to happen. That’s where ShiftPlanning comes in – a stellar scheduling app that allows users to create a full schedule in 10 minutes or less as well as eliminate the need for spreadsheets.


PalmAgent is a great app that allows users to run quick closing costs and estimates for both sellers and buyers. As the app is preloaded with county-specific lender fees, title rates, closing costs, and city-specific property tax rates, the estimates calculated by PalmAgent is pretty accurate.


It is pretty common for real estate agents to have to rush to their office to scan and send documents to their clients at least once a day. CamScanner is an app that allows its users to scan anything with their smartphone camera and convert that image into a PDF file. What’s more, the app comes with features that enable smart cropping and auto-enhancing.

As real estate apps allow agents to become more productive and better informed, you can be sure that they are well-equipped to serve their clients. If you are property hunting in New Jersey and plan to work with a real estate agent to make the search for your dream home easier, you are definitely making the right move. You can tap on our real estate expertise by sending an email to Josh@NJLux.com or calling us at 201.568.5668.

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