When you choose to move to any new place, you obviously want to live in an environment that is not only comfortable but also fun as well. Downtown areas in major cities in the United States are well known for this. In New Jersey, there are certain places in New Jersey that have excellent downtown features. This will definitely ease the transition of your NJ move. Some of these areas include:


Princeton College’s claim to fame is being one of the most prestigious colleges not only in the United States, but also in the world. This is not the only outstanding feature about its downtown area. If you are a history buff, you will find walking in the Princeton downtown area quite an experience. It has loads of old buildings and historic architecture, particularly on Nassau Street’s southern side.

The main commercial area between Hulfish Street, South Tulane Street and Palmer Square offers multiple areas for you to shop. The variety here caters to most tastes. Downtown Princeton also has a host of other places of interest such as libraries, quality restaurants and a generally active atmosphere.


The Madison downtown area is nicknamed The Rose City. If you are moving to New Jersey and want to live in an environment that is charming, attractive and a little quaint, Madison would be your best bet. This area was historically a center for growing roses on a commercial scale, and has a lot of architecture from the 19th and 20th century. The rustic architecture provides an excellent backdrop for the numerous cafes, retail centers and shops in Main Street and Waverly Place. If you are a jazz fan, the Shanghai Jazz Club is a spot you should definitely visit.


If your idea of the perfect downtown area is marked by affluence and a chic environment, Ridgewood is definitely a place that you should consider settling down in. The downtown area is primarily located on the East Ridgewood Avenue and boasts a Whole Foods supermarket, Catholic and Methodist Churches, and the attractive Van Neste Park.


This is well known as the capital of the American Revolution. Various town features show signs of this including the Morristown Green which was a military base and an execution site. Being historically relevant to the United States, Morristown features many statues and holds events in memory of significant historical events or people.


The downtown area of Hoboken is located just beside the Hudson River. Its claims to fame include being the origins of baseball and Frank Sinatra’s birth place. Historical buildings, memorials, streets and parks bear the names of famous people from this region. Walking along Hoboken gives you a sense of history due to the old architecture. The beautiful vistas and access to a variety of commercial and retail facilities makes it a modern downtown area as well.

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