Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips For The Summer Season

There is nothing better on a hot summer’s day than dipping into your swimming pool to relax and cool down, and here in Bergen County, there are plenty of homes with pools to enjoy. However, there is also nothing worse than diving into an unkempt pool, and that is why swimming pool maintenance is so important. When it comes to summer time you do not want to be sitting, staring, at your covered pool because you have not looked after it. Read our article on how to keep your pool clean, healthy and ready for summer.

Get Your Pool A Vacuum

This really is a must if you want to be serious about pool upkeep. Not only does it reach the dead leaves and other bits of rubbish at the bottom of your pool, but it will also clean it too. If you want to get a step ahead get a remote vacuum that does the job for you, while you complete other maintenance tasks. With an automated vacuum, you chose the schedule and let it do its work for you. So, if you are away for a weekend in the middle of fall, you can rest assured the pool is being cleaned while you are not home. Don’t forget a clean pool means you don’t have to continually use chemicals to keep the water clean.

Keep The Pool Filter Clean

You will find you have one of the following types of pool filters: sand, diatomaceous earth (DE) or cartridge. Different maintenance techniques need to be applied to each one, but you should always remember to keep your pool filter clean. By not retaining a clean filter your pool water will start to look murky as the filter cannot trap the debris properly. You will also note the flow of your water changing too. It’s a simple task that merely involves turning the valve to backwash and doing one of the following:

  • Cartridge: Remove and give it a good hose down
  • DE: make sure you empty the filter bag every second week
  • Sand: Not so popular these days so replace with one of the other two

Make Sure The pH Level Is Maintained

The pH scale is there to measure the acidity of the pool. The last thing you want is your family or your guests to be injured or get sick either by a dirty pool or too many chemicals in the water. Ideally, your pool should sit in the pH range between 7.2 and 7.8, meaning it is safe for swimmers and the water is clean. To ensure you get a correct reading, you should always have a testing kit on hand, to measure the pool water. If you find the pool is outside these readings, then you should balance it appropriately with the correct chemicals. Soda ash will bring the pH value up, while muriatic ash will push it up.

Check For Leaks And Repair Immediately

Before summer hits your back yard and the swimming is about to get maximum use, you should always check for any leaks. This will make it easier to notice any problems even without any use of the pool (as opposed to people always in it) displacing water.

If a swimming pool is a prerequisite for your new home, then make sure you contact one of the most reliable real estate agents in Bergen County. Many of our property listings feature swimming pools so you will never run out of excellent choices in this regard.

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