Summer Is Here So Start Selling Your Property Now!

Selling your property during summer will provide numerous advantages. While some recommend spring this is actually a bad season as the market tends to be over-saturated with listings. Summer will provide more opportunities as many people are taking time off of work and school for vacation and have the time to search for deals which they can close before fall. This means you will have reduced competition and bidding battles.

Summer Gives You More Time To Sell

It is estimated that on average, homeowners spend approximately thirty hours selling their home. These include performing the contracts, tours and negotiations. People tend to have more free time during the summer months as they may go on vacation from school or work so it gives you the time to really focus on selling your property and closing the deal.

Summer Allows You To Highlight The Landscaping With Ease

Appearance is everything when you want to attract buyers for your property. Summer is the best season for displaying your landscape. The reason for this is because during fall and winter the trees won’t have leaves and if you live in northern climates you may have to deal with a bunch of snow in the yard and driveway, which will reduce the appeal of the home. Summer allows you to display the home in its full beauty, with trees full of leaves, clear swimming pools and a snow free lawn.

Buyers Are More Difficult To Find During Fall And Winter

While some experts recommend selling during fall or winter instead of summer, there are a number of disadvantages to selling your property in those seasons. First off, people tend to become busy during fall. Those who have children must get them prepared to go back to school, and with Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, and New Year’s right around the corner, buying a house will only add to the stress.

Summer allows you to lock up a deal before all this happens. People have more leisure time during this season and are more likely to come across your listing while perusing a newspaper or online classified ad. Even if the deal doesn’t close during the summer you can begin the process and negotiations and then finalize the deal just as fall sets in.

Summer Is The Perfect Season For DIY Projects

The majority of sellers don’t put much effort into repairing their properties before putting them on the market, but this is highly recommended. Doing so improves the home’s curb appeal and summer is the best time to do this because the weather is nice and sunny and you have the time. Additionally, performing repairs on your property will allow it to perform better during appraisals.

Summer gives you the head start that is simply not available in the other three seasons. Many real estate agents will also be pleased that you’ve taken the time do perform your research and do the necessary repairs on your home to ensure you get the best deal.

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