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What is it that makes today’s top real estate agents better than others? What separates them from all of the real estate agents everywhere? There are key strategies involved in becoming, and remaining, a top real estate agent. What should a real estate agent do if they want to be at the top of their game.

Don’t Work Alone

When, because of their existing business, real estate agents are too busy to prospect new business, they need to hire some help. Never mind a buyer’s agent. Hire an administrative assistant to free up your time and help you make more money.

While Generating Leads, Be of Service

When prospecting for new business, don’t “pester” the general public. At the same time you are talking to them, provide them with some type of value. Tie that into your reason for contact. Make it seem like you are contributing. When you are contacting neighbors in the vicinity of a listing, part of your conversation should inquire if anyone they know, or they themselves, are in the market to sell or buy a home soon.

Don’t Be Afraid to Use a Script

This is essential! Make your own script or use someone else’s, but find something that works and stick with it. You can eliminate trial and error by using scripts that have already been tested. This way, an agent can more quickly achieve the desired result.

Prospect Without Fear

If you want fast conversion ratios and immediate business, contacting expired listings and FSBO’s is the quickest way. Just because you’re not familiar with these people doesn’t mean that you should reach out to them. They want to sell their home yesterday. You can help them with that.

Build Up Referrals

One of your first moves should be to get everyone you know together in a setting that allows for easy access to their pertinent information. On a regular basis, contact them. Your referral base should be built upon constantly. Put a system in place for contacting the people just referred to and switch up your methods of contact regularly.

Listings Should Be Your Focus

If, annually, you don’t close in excess of 45 transactions, but your work week consists of 65 hours or more, there’s a problem. Either you’re working with fewer sellers and more buyers, or you have a problem with time management. Make sure that you focus on listing side activities for lead generation. It’s easier to handle listing sides that it is buyer sides.

The Marketing Department – We’re Always Open

Each business day, in order to proactively generate new leads, time block a small portion of the day. It helps to live in an area where everyone knows you. Somewhere that you have been for years. At one time or another, one of those people is going to send some business your way. And be available as much as possible. Yes, you have to have a life. But part of being a top real estate agent means being accessible.

Top Real Estate Agents Answer the Hard Questions

The best real estate agents know how to answer the tough questions. Here are a few Q and A’s:

Q: You only have $1000, no database, and 30 days… what do you do?

A: Get a subscription to a database of expired and FSBO listings and call people; starting knocking on doors and previewing properties.

Q: What makes you feel motivated?

A: I love providing a quality service to people.

Q: What should people avoid… as in the least effective marketing form?

A: Broker open houses.

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