How To Score A Summer Property Sale

It is safe to say that selling a property in the summer months has more chance of being a success than if you pitched your home to the property market in the winter. Potential buyers are more likely to venture out in the sun than the wind, rain and even snow. Dark winter nights or stormy evenings will do your exterior outlook no good, nor will your lawns with leaves strewn all over the place. Here are our tips on how to ensure your house looks good for summer, while more importantly, getting that summer property sale.

First Impressions

It’s all about curb appeal and fine looking exteriors in Bergen County, so if you want your property to stand out in the sun, you need to ensure it is clean and tidy looking. Most purchasers will imagine that the exterior of your home reflects the interior, so a grubby, tacky exterior is enough to warrant potential buyers driving past. Aesthetically you change its appearance almost instantly, with a bit of hard labor. Make sure you mow the lawns, even down to manicured status, while trimming all shrubs and bushes. Tidy up those flower beds and add mulch to give a clean, fresh appearance. Make sure your paintwork is looking good, or touch it up with a spot of paint. Perhaps you could even change the front door to make your house look up to date and trendy.

Showcase Your Exterior Living Areas

We tend to spend more time out of doors these days, and our entertainment areas are as good as our indoor spaces. With covered areas complete with down-lighting and fans, louvered roofs and outdoor kitchens, now is the time to make your potential buyers put themselves in these areas in summer. Make sure they are aware of your outside fireplace, where you entertain guests on colder nights. Your outdoor area is an extension of your house, and many people see this as more space that can be utilized. So, make sure you showcase it.


So many potential sales can be lost when someone interested in your property walks into your home, only to find your clutter everywhere. First impressions are of how you can live like this, and it puts people’s backs up; they suddenly miss all that is good about your home. Make sure it is the features that stand out, not your daughters school report stuck to the fridge. Ensure the interior is spotless when people are due to view your home, it could be the difference to you selling your home.

Get Your Price Right

Make sure your property is on the market at the correct price. A real estate professional will help you get this right, as it is one of the major factors for a sale. You don’t want your property on the market, doing nothing, as the darker nights get closer. Nor do you want it underpriced with potential buyers cautious as to why it is so much cheaper than the competition.

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