Remodeling Ideas for You and Your Pet

For hundreds of thousands of pet-owners, four-legged friends, feathered friends, or otherwise are more a family member than a possession. Our pets frequently figure into our home buying decisions. They can also be a determining factor in how we decorate our homes.

Whether you have purchased a new home, will be purchasing one soon, or simply want some remodeling tips that take your pet into consideration, we have some suggestions.

Areas for Feeding

Create a feeding station for your pet. Pets eat and digest better when their food is at a level just below their chin, when standing. This will be their own private dining area. It will help keep food contained but look stylish and presentable. (Battery-operated candelabra optional.)

A Place for Your Kitty’s Litter And More

Create a kitty litter closet for your feline friend. (Truth be told, this is more for you than for the cat.) Not only will this help alleviate odors, it gives your finicky feline a little more privacy. To reduce offensive odors even further, consider a ventilating fan that runs 24/7.

Both large and small dogs need exercise. Every day, you see adults and children strolling down the sidewalk while taking their four-legged best friend for a walk. Since not many cat owners actually take their cats for a walk, consider helping them get their exercise with a “catwalk”. Click here to find out more about a cat exercise area.

Create a Dog Wash

Putting together a dog washing station, possibly in a utility room or garage, is a great idea for when Spot or Fido come in from digging in the neighbor’s garden. In many ways, it can turn out to be a real lifesaver. Who wants to walk their dog through the entire house before being able to rinse off sand, mud, freshly cut grass, etc. And by making sure that the station is built to your height, you will no longer have to bend over to wash them in the bathtub. If your pet is agreeable, you may even consider building a stairway so that they can simply walk into the washing basin on their own. For easy cleanup, include stainless steel walls and shower pans. And for convenience, a hand-held shower head.

When it comes to the feline member of your family, baths are usually taken care of on their own. But, there are cats and their owners who actually enjoy the whole experience of pet bathing!

Whether or not you have a pet could figure into the purchase of a new home. Condo associations, for example, frequently have requirements/rules involving pet ownership. Tell your realtor if you have a pet so that they can help find an appropriate home for you and other your little family member. By purchasing your new dream home with the assistance of N.J. Lux Real Estate, you will be able to not only enjoy your new home sooner, but the entire home buying experience. Contact us today if you and your pet are in the market to buy a new home.

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