The Pros Of Listing Your Home During Winter

Listing your home during winter may, at first thought, seem like a questionable decision. It’s cold out, after all. But a study has shown that homes sell faster in winter. Many, at an amount that was higher than the asking price. Maybe people have more of a sense of urgency.

Of course, supply and demand can still have everything to do with whether or not you sell your house right away. The right real estate professional can help you determine what the state of the market is at the precise time you’re considering selling.

Look at recently sold and currently listed homes in your area to check the local real estate climate. How many days had or have the homes been on the market. If it is in excess of 60 days, you might want to wait until spring to sell. On the other hand, if properties are going like hot cakes, take advantage!

Here are a few strategies that should help you sell your home in winter.

Make Sure the Prices are Right

Special pricing considerations apply during the winter months. In winter, you may not receive as many offers as in the spring; because spring is when a lot of people shop for a new home. In spring, home sellers list low in hopes of experiencing a bidding war. Not so much in winter. Then again, don’t list so high that you’re testing the market. You might eventually need to drop your price. You certainly don’t want it still on the market in spring – it makes your home look stale.

The best advice may be to set your price at market value with a conservative approach. Once again, look at the market for the last 30 days and what comparable properties closed at. Make sure your home isn’t overpriced compared to current list prices.

Tune Up Your Home

Make all necessary repairs including getting a roof inspection, and fine-tuning your HVAC and furnace. Weather strip your windows, change air filters, and clean those gutters. Particularly in winter, home buyers are going to be concerned about heating costs. This could be a good time to install energy efficient windows or upgrade your installation.

Make Things Bright

Particularly when the weather outside is frightful – or dismal – a gloomy first impression can be warmed up considerably with festive holiday decorations, cool-weather plants, and warm, attractive landscaping. Repair cracked window seals, caulk windows, and fix chipped paint.

An interior coat of off-white will help make the most of the season’s lacking natural lighting. Additionally, it will make the inside of your home feel larger.

Present a Warm Home on a Cold Day

Stage your living room to be warm and cozy. An attractive throw blanket conveys warmth and comfort. Make your holiday décor neutral – perhaps more seasonal than holiday related. Stack wood in the fireplace, if you have one.

Be absolutely sure to depersonalize and declutter as much as possible. Home buyers don’t need to see your family photographs. Displaying pictures of the home in warm weather helps potential buyers envision the home during warmer months. Include colorful flowers and garden shots.

No matter what season you decide to list your home during, it’s advisable to consult an experienced local NJ property agent to give yourself every chance of selling your home at the best price.

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