Do you own a home in NJ? Nothing beats visiting New Jersey in summer time. Everyone looks forward to summer and this is the time that most outdoor activities are done. It is advisable to carry out your yearly home repair and maintenance projects during summer. This is because you should make sure that your property is well maintained and undertake any repairs if necessary before the fall season arrives. Here are some of the ways you can prepare your NJ property for autumn:

Clean the roof gutters

You need a stable ladder to clean the roof gutters. Clear out any leaves and debris that is accumulated in the gutters. Wear a glove to pick leaves to avoid pricking yourself.  Run hose water in the gutters to wash off dust and small particles. Run the water a little bit longer along the gutters to check for holes. If holes are present in the gutters, then you need to get the right equipment to seal off the holes before they become worse.  Check for bees and wasps nest along the gutters and take the necessary precautions to avoid injuries.

Paint your exteriors

You don’t have to repaint the whole exterior of your home every year. Check which part of the house needs a touch-up and work on it. Most people prefer adding a fresh coat of paint on their door frames. Painting the door really improves the image of the house. You can go ahead and use the remaining paint to touch up on the window seals. Ensure that your lawn furniture is also painted and polished to keep a new look.

Driveway maintenance

Summer is usually the best time to seal up your driveway before the winter season. Snow and ice water can cause damage to driveways. Sealing the driveways in time minimizes the effect of erosion. It is best to use penetrating sealant which is more durable and protects your driveway from any type of weather. Most families go away during winter and so you need to do this during summer.

Reseal your deck

Work on your deck preferably before the last days of summer. This is because decks get affected by summer heat. First of all, clean the deck by scraping off the dirt in between the creases. Use a soft brush to clear dust and small particles from the surface. Use appropriate detergent to clean the surface and let it dry. Apply a waterproof sealer to provide layers of protection from snow and rain.

One advantage of keeping your NJ property well maintained at all times is that it saves you a lot of work when you need to sell it. Potential buyers rely on the first impression they get from a house before they decide to inquire more about it. Also, real estate agents in New Jersey do more than just sell and buy homes and they can help you acquire the best maintenance services you may need in your home, so keep in touch with your realtor as they can help to point you to the right contractors for your home maintenance needs.

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