money saving tips for buying a house

Truth be told, only a few of us are good at saving money. Under the best of circumstances, it’s hard to put away cash, even if it’s for something as crucial as your dream house. With that in mind, here are some tips to help you save money so that buying the house you’ve always wanted will be more of a reality, and less of a crazy wish.

Schedule Withdrawals and Spend Cash Only

Withdraw (and reward yourself) with a weekly budget each week from your checking account. Don’t use credit cards or debit cards. Only spend cash. When that money is gone, it’s gone. Do not allow yourself to withdraw more until it’s time, once again, for your weekly budget.

If You End up Having Extra Cash, Save It – Don’t Spend It

If you have experienced a windfall lately, go ahead and get excited – but save it! Those end-of-the-year bonuses or tax refunds look like a new, fancy gadget or a tropical vacation in the eyes of many. But you have a goal in mind, remember? Use a little self-control and put that money in a savings account.

Got Savings? Lock It Up!

When saved up money just sits around, it is a constant temptation. “Well, I won’t miss it if I just take a little for this or that.” But these things add up. Put your money in a savings account that has restrictions on it. You could end up questioning your motives, the longer it takes you (and the harder you have to work) to remove that money from the bank.

Dump Your Cable – Try Hulu and Netflix

Cable and satellite monthly bills are staggering – no matter who you go with. And while the monthly charges for Hulu and Netflix may vary, currently they range no higher than $39.99 (but as little as $7.99) a month for Hulu and $13.99 (as little as $7.99) a month for Netflix. Let’s face it, you never watch all of the channels that cable or satellite provides. You are wasting money you could be spending on your new home.

Automated Bill Payments Are the Way to Go

The cable bill (if you keep your cable), the electric bill, gas bill, etc. – these are all monthly bills that you expect to pay. To avoid late fees, and save yourself some time, set up bill paying through an automated system with your bank.

Use the ATM Sponsored by Your Bank To Withdraw Money

You may be thinking, “Well duh!”, but you’d be surprised how many people use ATMs that aren’t sponsored by their bank, thereby getting socked with the (ridiculous) user fee. It may not seem like a lot at the time, but these types of charges add up. They’re like a small, seemingly insignificant habit. When you spend a little bit here and there, you don’t notice how much you’re spending; until, by the end of the year, you’ve stacked up a ton of money uselessly wasted.

So, once you saved up enough money to buy that dream house (or if you’ve almost saved up enough and want to get a head start on house hunting), contact NJ Lux today.  We can show you homes that are within your budget, located in the best areas, and suitable to your lifestyle and needs.

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