Luxury Home Design Trends For Summer 2017

Most people want their homes to be as comfortable and luxurious as possible. The real estate market has its own trends akin to fashion trends, and here are some of the hottest luxury home design trends for the summer season this year.

1960s Floral Patterns

The floral designs which were popular during the 1960s have experienced a rebirth this year. Homeowners are placing indigo dyes on bedspreads and other types of fabric. Melamine dinnerware which is colorful is also being placed on tables both outside and inside the home. These floral patterns will provide a look and feel that is truly nostalgic, particularly among baby boomers.

Hardwood Floors Which Are Lighter In Color

For summer 2017 darker hardwood floors are out, and lighter hardwood is in. Specific materials that are all the rage include oak, pecan and even bamboo. Adding these lighter surfaces to your home will not only make it more specious, but more receptive to light.

Marble Makes A Return

Marble is synonymous with luxury and has been around forever. For those who can meet the steep price tag, this is the perfect material to use on kitchen or bathroom countertops, and visitors to your home will most certainly be impressed. While imitation marble is also available, don’t sell yourself short. If you can’t currently afford authentic marble wait until you can.

Private Pools For Swimming

When it comes to their pools, homeowners this year prefer privacy. They want to relax and swim in the sun without having to be seen by their neighbors. Therefore, private backyard pools are hot in demand as well as products used to clean and maintain them.

Walk In Closets, In Each Bedroom

Homes that have large walk in closets in each bedroom are hot in demand this summer. Buyers simply love them, especially when they have organization that is built in. A walk in closet gives you the space to store lots of clothes, shoes and other accessories in a stylish way.

Gym And Theater Room

It is amenities like these that separate ordinary homes from the extraordinary. Entertainment areas always raise the value of a luxury home when done correctly. Some of the most popular are exercise rooms complete with workout equipment where homeowners can stay fit and theater rooms which allow you and your friends and family to watch movies in high definition on a large screen, eliminating the need to ever visit a public movie theater again.

Smart Technology

For summer 2017 people not only want homes which are beautiful, they want them to be “smart” as well. Technical merchandise such as cameras, lights, security systems and voice assistants are widely popular, and of all the trends featured here, are unlikely to go away anytime soon. LED lighting has matured and is gradually phasing out the old fashioned incandescent light bulbs which have been used for the better part of a century. This along with fast, secure and reliable internet access in each room is considered the cornerstone of a modern luxury domicile.

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