House Hunting Tips For The Family-Orientated Buyer

As fun and exciting as house hunting sounds, it can be a relatively daunting task. Are you looking at houses with exceptional curb appeal? Are you shopping for homes that are closer to work? Add children to the mix, either currently or in the future, and you have a whole new set of circumstances to weigh out. What kind of neighborhood are you looking to move into? If you currently have children or are planning on having them in the near future, here are a number of considerations that will likely be part of the equation.

What Kind of Community Support Is Available?

There are lots of ways to protect your family and your home. One of those ways is, of course, with security systems. But never underestimate the protective power of a closely knit neighborhood. Find out ahead of time how supportive and friendly your neighbors would be if you were to choose this particular home in which to raise your family. Receiving and providing help through community watch programs is a great way for neighborhoods to band together and protect each other against harm and home invasion. You can sleep better at night thanks to the convenience, comfort, and safety provided by the fostering sense of a caring, tightly knit community.

Are the Streets Safe?

This doesn’t apply so much to crime as much as it does the actual physical condition of the streets and their safety. Remember, we’re talking about families here and families want the peace of mind that safe streets can bring. What kind of protection plans are in place for you and your children i.e. crosswalks, sidewalks, speed bumps, etc.? Will traffic incidents and injuries be reduced thanks to strictly enforced speed limits? Are there crossing guards available during school hours? Do the police drive through the neighborhood on a regular basis?

What Kind of Green Spaces Or Parks Are in the Area?

An important aspect of parenthood is figuring out how to keep your kids active and entertained. You will likely be looking into homes with sizable yards so that the kids will be able to play outside (when you can get them to put down the video games). But having additional green space in the neighborhood such as hiking paths and parks is a bonus.

Is This a Low Crime Neighborhood?

If you kids are going to be walking to those parks you’re going to want to make sure that the neighborhood is as low crime as it can possibly be. You shouldn’t have to be afraid to step out of your house be it day or night. Police reports are one way to figure out what kind of crime does or does not plague the neighborhood you are looking at.

Check Out the School Districts Even If Your Children Have Yet to Arrive

Since we’re talking about children, this is an obvious consideration, even if you are only in the planning stages of having a family. In order to ensure your children’s success and growth, a good school district is essential. A Google search should provide you with the information you need regarding nearby schools. You can find special resources, extracurricular activities, class sizes and more by researching the institutions in question.

Discuss with your realtor your plans to raise a family, what types of things will be deal breakers, and what considerations are secondary. Additionally, don’t be afraid to talk to the neighbors if you are seriously considering purchasing a specific home. These are the people you will run into every day. You can get a feel for the friendliness of the neighborhood and, frequently, information that you may not be able to look up or otherwise discover.

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