There are many names you may recognize if you ask who has houses in Alpine, New Jersey. There are celebrities from many specialties within the entertainment business who call this town home. Several rappers have landed in Alpine at one time or another. Prominent names include Sean Combs and Lil’ Kim. More musicians, such as Stevie Wonder, have homes in Alpine. Comedians find the area to be the place to live as well. Chris Rock, bridging the gap between comedy and acting, has one of the mansions in the town. Actors, such as Wesley Snipes, also feel comfortable making Alpine home.

Why Do Celebrities Think of Alpine as Home?

The town of Alpine is known for its mansions. These gorgeous properties attract the eyes and minds of the wealthy. In general, large properties can be found in clusters. This marks the value of the neighborhood. Mansions or other large properties look out of place if they are surrounded by residencies of lesser value.

What Does this Tendency Mean?

It makes sense to have neighborhoods grouped by housing value. One factor that is important to the decision-making process of buying a home is the value of the neighborhood. Is there a lot of crime in the area? Are the properties valued at similar prices? Are there celebrities living nearby?

How Does the Presence of Celebrities Impact Neighborhood Dynamics?

Celebrities are often treated differently than a less famous member of society. There is a tendency in our culture to be awed by fame. When celebrities own homes, tourists often flock to the area for the chance to glimpse these “heroes”. Is this the situation in Alpine?

The Best Parts of Alpine

Why do individuals decide to stay in Alpine? Is it the cost of living? Is it the education system? Is it the entertainment options? Like any major decision, there are many factors impacting choices to land (and stay) in Alpine. Alpine has been named one of the wealthiest towns in the country. This may be the draw for those who can afford property. It is a small town with few commercial locations, but this does not prevent residents from finding sources of entertainment. There are always options at home for hobbies, but everybody gets cabin fever sometimes. Where do residents of Alpine go? The town is not far from New York City, or other towns around New Jersey that have theater districts and other places for entertainment.

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