Do you own a house or planning to buy one? It is a mystery to many how insurance companies get to determine home insurance rates and minimum liability. The minute you add a new amenity in your home, that seems to be enough to jack up your premium or at worst scenarios get your sweet deal canceled. It helps to have an idea of what triggers these changes and predict changes that can affect your monthly payouts. This article will highlight a few pointers on what can cause your house insurance rates to hike.

Swimming Pool

You have been dreaming of getting a pool in your home for the longest time and you can’t wait for summer to enjoy your new amenity. But suddenly your insurance company calls and informs you that this new addition to your family will have to cost you more. You need to understand that as much as you are excited about your new swimming pool; your insurer does not share your sentiments. All he sees are liabilities and lawsuits waiting to happen. You may be required to take any responsibility that may arise from any accident that may take place in the swimming pool. That is why it is advisable to purchase additional liability coverage for your swimming pool.


Trampolines are viewed by insurance companies as accidents waiting to happen. There have been cases of clients who refused to reveal that they own a trampoline in their home and when an accident happened, it led to their claims being denied. Accidents are not predictable and as much you may think your household is safe, you can never be too sure. A neighbor’s kid can decide to sneak in your backyard only to sustain a fatal injury from the trampoline covered in your back. Talk to your insurer and find out if they are willing to cover you with this addition or not.

Home Exterior Upgrades

You should never upgrade your home’s exterior without contacting your homeowner’s insurance agent first. An upgrade usually means that you intend to install more expensive materials than the existing ones. This affects the amount of liability you may need in case a disaster occurs. Be careful to use materials that are fire resistant to avoid the insurance company canceling your policy.

Vacation Homes

You are probably wondering why your insurance agent would want to hike premiums on your vacation home which you don’t spend much time in. well, look at it this way. A home is prone to wear and tear whether someone resides in it or not. As long as it has all amenities required in a home chances are that repairs may be required once in a while. Imagine having a pipe leak and you are not around to notice it and it takes months before the problem can be addressed. That would mean extensive damage to the house which might cost thousands of dollars. These are some of the issues your insurance agent foresees and hike premiums.

These are just but a few examples why your premiums may suddenly hike. Bottom line, you should always talk to your agent about any major changes that you need to undertake in your home to avoid huge costs or even policy cancellations.

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