Callahan’s Making a Comeback

Anyone old enough to remember Callahan’s in Fort Lee or Little Ferry will be happy to know that you’ll be able to get Callahan’s in Bergen County again.

The restaurants were around for nearly 60 years before the owners, the DeMiglio’s, sold the business in 2006 and both locations closed shortly after. Daniel DeMiglio thought he was going to inherit the family business, until his parents abruptly sold it. He practically grew up in the Little Ferry restaurant, having had his first birthday and first Communion there.

Daniel’s late grandfather, Leonard Castrianni, bought Callahan’s in Fort Lee in 1950 and began selling burgers, fries and of course, hot dogs. The place was a success and he passed that on to his family.

Before Castrianni passed away in 2000, Daniel made a promise to his grandfather that he would take Callahan’s to another level. This was obviously before his parents sold the businesses off.

Recently, DeMiglio brought Callahan’s back as a food truck, selling hot dogs all over the state of New Jersey since March, but now he’s got his eye on something bigger. He’s dusting off the old tin signs and Tiffany lamps he still has and opening a small location in Norwood this fall. Gaining over 14,000 likes on his Facebook page since starting the food truck and selling hundreds of hot dogs a day means one thing is very clear: New Jersey was missing Callahan’s.

It is unclear when exactly the new storefront will be open, for now it’s just a small location with a counter, kitchen and windows covered up with the Callahan’s logos. According to DeMiglio, the new store will contain the same classic items the old menu had, as well as the same chef who was there before they closed in 2006. He hopes to have it open by November and to do so; he is shutting down his food truck for the winter. It will be relaunched in the spring, along with an extra truck to cover South Jersey, as well.

callahans logo

Keep an eye out for the opening of the Norwood location, which, if the buzz surrounding it is any indication, is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

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