Do you sometimes feel like there is nothing much you can do during autumn? Well, all that is about to change and you don’t have to sit in all day curled up wishing autumn be cut short. Bergen County has amazing parks that are just breathtaking to discover during autumn. Put on your autumn outfit and let the whole family get in touch with nature at a local park. Here are some of the top parks that you can visit in Bergen County:

Ramapo Mountain State Park

If you love nature walks, Ramapo Mountain State Park is the place you should definitely visit this autumn. It has beautiful trails that are perfect for cross country skiing, hiking and mountain biking. There are trails that cover up to 30 miles, so there’s more ground to cover if need be. This park is also great for birdwatchers since it contains streams, marshes and ponds that create a perfect habitat for birds.

Palisades Interstate Park

The park is located in New Jersey over the George Washington Bridge. It is a 100,000 plus acre park that is situated on the Hudson River’s western bank. The most popular landmarks in the park include the tumbling waterfalls. If you love quiet spaces, you can also visit the park and have quality alone moments to meditate. Once there, you should make a point to visit the Women’s Federation Monument and learn more about the role women played in the protection and creation of the park.

Saddle River County Park

This park is great for a family outing. The park covers 577 acre of land which parallels the Saddle River. If you love fishing, you would be interested to know that the park offers a license to fish along the saddle River. Your kids can enjoy roller skating and bike riding along the trails. There are few historic sites that you can visit to get to know more about the park and the surrounding area.

Van Saun County Park

Do you love picnicking? Then this is the right park for you. The park covers a vast area of 146 acres and offers numerous amenities so that families and friends can enjoy time together. There are secluded areas for fishing. If you have children, they will have the time of their lives since they can enjoy pony rides, Carousel, miniature train rides among other things. Adults can enjoy walking around the park as they enjoy the cool breeze. The biggest draw in the park is definitely the Zoological Park which is a home to a variety of domestic and wild animals.

Fort Lee Historic Park

Are you aware that Fort Lee played a vital role during the American Revolution? This park is rich in American history and there is a lot that kids can learn about history apart from what they learn in school. The park hosts a 150-seat auditorium and a water fountain which makes it stand out from other county parks in Bergen. There are plenty of gift shops so you can carry some souvenirs back home.

With these parks, Bergen County provides a nice touch to balance your lifestyle, especially if you lead hectic work schedules. If you are looking to settle in the area, you can always seek a local real estate agent who will help you get the best properties in Bergen County.

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