2017 Interior Design Trends to Know

If you are interested in kick-starting 2017 by refreshing your home’s interiors, having an idea of some of the hottest interior design trends in 2017 is important. It gives you an idea of a wide array of design trends that you can choose from, and you could even pick elements from different trends to combine them to come up with a unique look of your own. Some of the trends that will definitely be in demand this year include:

Rethinking The Use Of Color

Proper use of color has always been a major element of modern interior design, and this will become even more dominant this year. In the past few years, white and muted colors were all the rave, and were featured in many high-end homes as a positive. However, we are starting to see a comeback of muted pastel colors such as emerald green and dusty rose becoming more popular this year. Creative use of color for walls and fabrics to interesting effect is also likely to be seen, with many homeowners making more of an effort to make furniture, curtain treatment and wall colors matching to have a specific effect.

More Materials For Your Design Creativity

In the past, the materials available for use during interior design were limited to wood, metal and a few other common materials. In 2017 going forward, the number of materials you can use has dramatically increased. This increases the creative freedom one might need when doing interior design. It also makes it possible to mix and match different materials for more personalized designs. These include leather, metallic finishes, crackled resin, reclaimed wood and more.

Kitchens Will Be Featuring More Dark Metal Finishes

Over the past few years, the typical kitchen has featured silver finishes and the use of silver appliances such as fridges, toasters and cookers to match with the design. However, this has seen a shift starting late 2016, and likely to gain momentum in 2017. This shift if seeing people using darker metal finishing for kitchens to give them a more elegant look and feel. Satin brass, matte black and other similar colors end up looking extremely futuristic and elegant, and attract a high demand from customers doing interior design.

Layering And Textures Get More Attention

Rather than simply having a carpet in living rooms and other similar areas, 2017 will see more homeowners and designers pushing for different textures and then layering them in a specific pattern. One of the commonest ways to achieve this is by using natural fiber rugs. Adding depth to a room using layered rugs is also becoming a popular option as well.

These are just a few of the 2017 design trends you should know if you are going to change the décor to your home or are designing a new home construction. If you are moving house, you could also use the above pointers to find a home listing that features interior décor elements to look out for this year.

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